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Managing additional notification addresses

The functionality to add and change additional notification addresses can be managed using your B2G connection. 

Important: to ensure that you do not trigger a SPG address for service change, please consider the following information.

The UpdateSecuredPartyGroup request contains additional notification addresses, which are not part of the SPG address for service. If any fields in this request are left blank, it will trigger a change address for service verification statement.

If you are submitting an UpdateSecuredPartyGroup B2G request with additional notification address modifications, the attribute <MailingAddress> is a mandatory field.  In order to prevent triggering an address for service change, the <MailingAddress> attribute should be set to null using:

<MailingAddress i:nil="true"/>

If your service does not support sending null attributes, and you do not include the <MailingAddress> attribute, a validation error will be returned.  In this case, you may wish to use the PPSR’s web user interface to update the SPG.

Details on how to use the PPSR’s web user interface to complete the update can be located at Setting additional addresses for your secured party group page.