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PPSR notifications retrieval (large files)

Some PPSR transactions may result in the generation of a large notification. For example, a secured party group address for service (AFS) change with a large number of existing registrations, or a transfer of all registrations from one secured party to another.

Recommendations for retrieving a large notification

If you are having difficulties retrieving a notification from your B2G mailbox it may be large in size. We suggest you try the following:

  • If you are receiving ‘connection time-out errors’ messages, increase your time-out parameters.
  • Retry using the same message ID (i.e. the initial message ID that was used to retrieve the notification) after 10 minutes.

Other issues

Other issues that may interfere with your ability to receive a large notification are:

  • size limitations within mail gateways
  • incorrect email addresses
  • spam filters.

Still unable to retrieve notification

If you are still unable to retrieve a notification that has been successfully delivered from the PPSR, it might be due to other technical issues within your environment. See B2G support.

Email notifications sent to the Address for Service

If the notification you are receiving via email would exceed 3MB, the contents of the email will provide a notification retrieval code to allow the user to retrieve the PDF document directly from the register.

This will not impact how messages are received to the B2G mailbox.

For more information on how to retrieve the document directly from the register see Dealing with large PPSR notifications.