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Setting additional notification B2G mailbox addresses

Once you enter an additional B2G mailbox address, by using the secured party group (SPG) page  of the web user interface or sending a request with your B2G connection, you will receive an additional copy of the notification sent to the mailbox specified when anyone using the secured party group completes a registration activity.

How can I add or change an additional notification B2G mailbox address using the PPSR’s web user interface?

Log into the PPSR (opens new window)

Step 1: Go to secured party groups.

Select manage a secured party group.

Enter the SPG number and access code and select retrieve.

Step 2: Locate the address for service section.

Find the heading address for service.

Click the edit button on the same line to make your changes.

Step 3: Select the notification type then click the set address button

Select either verification statements, Access Codes or Tokens and press the set address button.

Enter an B2G account customer number

Select retrieve account name

Make sure all the details are correct before clicking the update button.

You will be returned to the “Manage a secured party group” page.

Make sure all the details are correct before clicking the save button near the bottom of the page.

For information on what types of additional B2G mailbox addresses can be specified see: Setting additional B2G mailbox addresses for your SPG

To view and or change the secured party group settings for CC copies using the PPSR’s web user interface see: Setting up and managing CC copies B2G mailbox addresses