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Test your B2G interface

After building your B2G interface, you test it in Discovery by replicating operations your business will perform on the PPSR. You can set up test data, verify functionality, and continue to develop and refine your interface.

Differences in Discovery

The Discovery environment is a test environment only. It is different from Production because:

  • Discovery is available 24 hours per day except during weekly maintenance every Wednesday 9:00 pm to 11:59 pm (AEST).
  • Discovery does not have high priority fault resolution times, except during integration periods when new code has been deployed for external testing.  Best endeavours are used to notify customers of any unplanned outages.
  • All data is visible to all users of the system so do not use real data.
  • The database does not have production capacity and cannot support high-volume load testing.

Connection difficulties

You cannot transact in Discovery via B2G unless you have:

  • your account payment option set to pre-pay
  • Change your initial password via your B2G interface
  • sufficient funds available to make transactions.

Request B2G access for Production

Once you have tested your B2G connection successfully in Discovery, you can request B2G access for Production.