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Understanding organisation grantor search results

What to look for?

On your search certificate, look at the information under the heading ‘PPSR Registration Details’.

The results will either show no security interest or other registration (like the sample certificate below left), or one or more registrations (image at right below).

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Sample search certificate with no PPSR registrations

If your certificate says, ‘There is no security interest or other registration kind registered on the PPSR against the organisational grantor in the search criteria details',this means that there is no record of asset/collateral securing a debt for this organisation.

Sample search certificate with PPSR registrations

Your search shows one or more registrations. This means that there are records of asset/collateral securing a debt for this organisation.


What does this mean for you?

If your search shows that there are records of assets/collateral being used as security for a debt, the register won't tell you the value of the obligation. It does however, show who the obligation is owed to so you can find out more. Details include:

  • Registration Details – PPSR registration number, start and end dates
  • Collateral Details – information about the collateral and how the interest is held in the personal property
  • Grantor Details – the person or organisation who offered the security
  • Secured Party Details – the person or organisation that holds the interest
  • Address for Service – details on how to contact the secured party
  • History Summary – outline of amendments to the registration.

How do I query the details of a PPSR registration?

Contact the secured party or parties listed under 'Secured Party Details' on the search certificate.

Where can I find out more about the organisation?

You can search the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) registers at https://connectonline.asic.gov.au to view company registration details and history.

What else do I need to know?

You will need to issue a search certificate for each registration number if your search result contains more than one security interest. Grantor search certificates only cover a single registration.

Keep your search details and search certificate safe.

You will need your search number or search certificate number to retrieve your original search result or search certificate at a later time.

Your search certificate can be used as evidence in any dispute or legal matter.

If you specified a collateral class in your search, the search will only return results for that class.

A search certificate is your legal record

It is recommended that you choose to email or view and save a search certificate, even if your search returns no registrations. Your search certificate is an official and legal copy of your search and there is no additional fee for issuing a search certificate.

If any registrations contain attachments, links to the attachments are displayed on the screen. You will need to download the attachments by clicking on the link, store them with your search certificate. The attachments form part of the collateral details.

If you request a certificate to be emailed to you, any attachments associated with the registration will also be emailed.