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What is the B2G channel?

The Business to Government (B2G) channel is a way of accessing the PPSR. Instead of using the PPSR interface, you build your own interface. This means you integrate your own workflows and business systems with the transactional functionality of the PPSR. The B2G channel is provided over a secure connection.

Reasons for building a B2G interface

If you are a business with a high volume of transactions, a B2G channel can streamline your processes. You will need the capability to develop your own interface to the PPSR and the resources to support the functionality into the future.

You also need a PPSR account and be authorised to transact using the B2G channel. The usual fees for using the PPSR exist. There are no additional fees for using a B2G channel.

Setting up your B2G channel

To implement your B2G channel. See accessing the B2G channel.

For technical specifications see B2G interface versioning.

Additional assistance

For technical assistance see tips for configuration and B2G support.