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Accessing PPSR reports

If you are an account user with the appropriate permissions, you can access reports on the PPSR. Reports provide you with the ability to group and summarise data. This information can help you maintain your business records.

You can generate a report at any time.

Maintaining PPSR report performance

We recommend you minimise the number of users requesting reports for the same account or secured party group (SPG).

Accessing a report

Log into the PPSR to access reports.

Go to the reports tab and click request a report.

Report delivery time

Reports are not delivered right away and are placed in a queue. Large reports may take time, and will delay the delivery time of other report requests for all users.

You will receive a notification email when the report is generated if you provided your email address at the time of the initial report request.

If after 24 hours the report has not been generated, log an incident.

Report status

You can check the status of your report in the report list. There are three options:

  • In progress
  • Unable to generate
  • Cancelled

When the date and time of generation appears, your report is complete.

Once a report is generated, you can download it for up to seven days. The report will automatically be deleted after seven days.

Permission to access report

If you are the account administrator, you can give permission to users of the account to access specific PPSR reports. See more in role consideration when setting up customised groups.

Permission to delete or cancel a report

If you are an account administrator or user with the appropriate permissions, you are able to delete a report or cancel an in-progress report. You need to provide a reason when you delete or cancel a report.

Deleting or cancelling a report

Log into the PPSR to access the reports list page.

Go to the reports tab and click on the reports list page. Select the report you want from the list and click delete or cancel.

Business to Government (B2G) and PPSR reports

You can access all reports via the B2G channel. For technical specifications please see the B2G documents page.