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Some government agencies need to use the PPSR in order to perform their duties. In certain circumstances, we can provide them with a PPSR account that allows them to search and register on the PPSR for free.

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If your government department or agency needs to use the PPSR to undertake the duties it's required to by law, then the agency may be eligible for a concessional PPSR account. This will allow the agency to search and register on the PPSR as required for them to perform these duties at no cost.

There are also circumstances where a Government agency will need to apply for an account to register specials kinds of interests that relate to 'prescribed property' such as:

  • hoon liens
  • proceeds of crime
  • court orders
  • other prescribed property.

There is no fee for registering prescribed property on the PPSR and these kinds are registrations are not made in the same way as security interest registrations.

Applying for a government PPSR account

Information about when an agency qualifies for a government PPSR account and how to apply is contained in Registrar’s Practice Statement No 1.

Security interest account with concessional fees

If you are applying to search for and register security interests on the PPSR at no fee, then you will need to set up a PPSR account and then complete the Application for government agency account for security interests with concessional fees form. Once you've completed the form, you can email or post it to us.

Once your account is operating, you’ll create registrations in the same way as other users do. For more information, see How to register a security interest on the PPSR.

Prescribed property account

If you are applying to register prescribed property on the PPSR, then there is no need to set up a PPSR account first. Just complete the Application for account for registering prescribed property form. Once you've completed the form, you can email or post it to us.

Processing your application

Once we receive your application, we will check to see if you meet the necessary requirements (see Registrar’s Practice Statement No 1 for more information about eligibility). If you do, we will send you a memorandum of understanding; this will need to be signed by a person who has the appropriate authority to enter into these types of arrangement on behalf of the agency. Once this is signed, we will send you an email with:

  • confirmation that we have either:
    • applied the relevant concession to your account so you can now transact on it with no fees (if you applied for a concessional security interest account) or
    • set up your new account and provide you with the account number and a temporary password (if you applied for a prescribed property account)
  • a copy of the memorandum of understanding signed on our behalf.
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