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Get proof of your registration (verification statements)

When you create, change or end your PPSR registration, we'll send you a document called a verification statement which you can use as your proof of registration. You can use the PPSR to get a copy of the verification statement if you need it. 

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A verification statement is like a certificate - it's your legal proof of what is contained in your PPSR registration. We'll send you a verification statement when you create or change a PPSR registration. You can also use the PPSR to get a copy of any of your verification statements if you need it.

You may be required to send a copy of a your verification statement to grantor(s) in the registration to let them know that you've created, changed or ended a registration. For more information about your obligations to do this see Informing grantors.

When we'll send you a verification statement

You’ll get a verification statement whenever you:

  • make a registration
  • transfer a registration
  • update a registration
  • end a registration
  • change your secured party group (SPG) address for service.

The statement shows the details of your registration or the changes you’ve made. Always check to make sure the details on it are correct. Your verification statement is your proof of registration, so keep it in a safe place.


You won't get a verification statement if your registration expires, only when someone uses the PPSR to end it before it expires.

Getting a copy of a verification statement

If you've lost a verification statement or need to send it to someone, you can use the PPSR to easily get a copy. The verification statement will then be emailed to your SPG's address for service. There is no fee to do this.

You can only request a copy of a verification statement for your current registrations. If you need to get a copy of a registration that has expired or ended, contact us for assistance.


To reissue a verification statement, log into your PPSR account, then:

  1. Go to the Registrations tab and select Reissue a verification statement from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the Retrieve the registration section enter either:
  3. Select Retrieve. You can now select which verification statement you would like a copy of.
  4. Select Next. You will now see confirmation that the statement has been sent to your address for service.
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