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Account login password maintenance

The options for maintaining your account login password include:

1. Resetting your account login password

Reset your password using your username and the answers to your secret questions and answers.

Go to account login.

Click forgot your password?

Enter the answers to your secret questions. If you have not set these questions and require your password to be reset contact your account administrator.

Depending upon your PPSR account setting, your password will be displayed on screen or sent via email.

2. Creating a new account login password

Account login passwords are a minimum of 9 characters and a maximum of 15 characters. A PPSR password must include at least one each of the following:

  • Lower case letter (e.g. ‘a’).
  • Upper case letter (e.g. ‘A’).
  • Number (e.g. ‘1’).
  • Special character – any of the following: ~!@#$%^&*() =_+[]{};'\:"|,./<>?.

Choose a password that has not been used previously.

3. Secret questions and answers reset

Your secret questions and answers are visible to your account administrator.

If you are the account administrator, another account administrator may reset the password. If you are the sole account administrator contact the National Service Centre helpdesk for password assistance.

4. Unlocking your account login

If you enter the incorrect password five times, your account login will be locked on the fifth attempt. Your account administrator can unlock your account login.

Unlocking the account login will automatically reset the password.

Depending upon your account settings, the PPSR may notify you of your new password by:

  • emailing you a notification
  • displaying onscreen to your account administrator who will provide it to you.

If you are an account administrator and your account login is locked, you need to find another account administrator to unlock your account login. If you are the only account administrator for your account, you need to contact the National Service Centre helpdesk to get your account login unlocked.