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Alert notifications

Users can set up an automatic notification that notifies them via email when a registration against an organisation grantor is created or amended, including discharge.  

You must describe the organisation grantor listed in the alert notification by their ARSN, ACN or ARBN. You cannot describe an organisation grantor by their ABN because:

  • alert notifications connect with databases managed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, which do not list ABNs
  • we want to protect the privacy of sole traders and professional practitioners that operate businesses.

Your notification email will not list details of the registration changes. You have to search the PPSR to see these.

You can create, display and update your alert notification requests, and have a list of your notifications sent to your nominated email account. You can cancel an alert notification request.

You can nominate a B2G account for the alert. 

B2G clients have the ability to create, amend and receive alert notifications through the B2G channel.