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Application for account for security interest with concessional fees

This information provides guidance for government agencies as to how to complete the following form:

PDF icon Application for government agency account for security interest with concessional fees

For guidance on how to set up an account and tailor permissions please see create an account.

Part 1 ‘Applicant details’

The applicant’s details and the account customer details for the account number listed should match.

Part 1 ‘The applicant agency requires access to the PPSR in connection with the following activities (tick all items that apply)’

Tick all activities for which the account will be used and provide supporting evidence the applicant agency is required by law to perform those tasks, or the tasks are necessarily incidental to a role the agency is required by law to perform. For example, cite or attach copies of the relevant legislative provisions and give examples of how access to the PPSR will assist.

Part 2 ‘Access channel’

The Web UI check box should be checked if it is intended to access the PPSR through the standard internet interface.

The B2G check box should also be checked only if it is intended to access the PPSR through special business to government (B2G) channel.  If you are accessing the PPSR via a B2G channel that is held by an intermediary, you should provide the following information in the free text box:

  1. full details of the intermediary
  2. the capacity in which the intermediary is supplying the information
  3. the level of visibility and access that intermediary will have over the account applied for (for example does the intermediary transact on the agency’s behalf or does the intermediary provide the channel through which the agency conducts the transactions), and
  4. any other relevant information.

Part 3 ‘Details of expected usage’

Complete all sections of this part. In the ‘estimate the expected volume of creation/amendment of registrations per day’ field, provide your best estimate as to the average number of registration transactions that will be conducted per day. Similarly complete for search transactions.