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Billing and transactions

Client Billing Reference

Where a fee is applied to a register transaction a 40 character ‘Client Billing Reference’ field will display on screen near the fee amount. If you populate this field at the time of the transaction this reference will appear on the individual Tax invoice/Receipt, the monthly detailed statement plus the Transaction Reconciliation and Secured Party Group Registration Activity report.

You pay your PPSR account using three different payment types:

  • pay as you go (PAYG)
  • prepay
  • credit

For more details on each of the methods see paying your account.

If you are an account customer and you wish to transact on a credit basis, see applying for credit.

In the first week of every month, credit account and pre-pay account customers receive a monthly summary and detailed statement

If you have the appropriate account role, you can view your transactions and download a tax invoice.

Prepay and credit account customers can check their balance online to make sure they have enough funds to transact on the PPSR.