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Cancelling an alert notification

You may wish to cancel an alert notification if you no longer wish to receive notification that an organisation grantor makes, amends or discharges a PPSR registration.

Before you start

To cancel a notification you need the alert notification request number and notification email address.

You can find the alert notification request number in the email that the PPSR sent to you after creating the alert notification. If you have forgotten your alert notification request number, you can list your alert notifications by entering your email address.

Cancel an notification request

Go to alert notifications.

Step 1:

Click on cancelling an alert notification.

Enter the alert notification request number and alert notification email address.

Click retrieve.

Step 2:

You will see details of your alert notification.

If you change your mind, click cancel this action and you will be returned to the first screen.

To confirm, click confirm alert notification cancellation.

Step 3:

The alert notification request number and email address for the cancelled notification will be displayed on screen.

A confirmation email will be sent to your nominated email account.