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Changing your account details

If you are an account user with the appropriate authority, you can manage your PPSR account in a number of ways. Not all details can be amended, for example, an organisation’s identifier.

You can:

  • edit account customer personal and financial details and preferences
  • activate, deactivate and remove account users
  • manage associated users, business to government (B2G) accounts and groups.
  • add and manage favourite SPG’s and favourite grantors.

Account administrator

If you are an account administrator, your roles and permissions enable you to make updates and changes to the account including:

  • create users
  • modify users
  • grant permissions in relation to the transactions a user can make
  • remove users
  • modify account favourites.

How to change your account details

Go to account login.

Go to the account customers tab.

Then go to manage account customer.

Click the edit button in the relevant box where you want to make a change.

Make your changes (remember only some fields can be changed).

Click save.

Errors made are the responsibility of the person updating the information. Read the PPSR conditions of use.