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Create your Registration Template

To create a template you start at the create registration page.

Log into the PPSR and start your registration.

Step 1: Start Application

At a minimum, the template must have the collateral type and transitional status. Ensure you select these details.

If you want to include a specific SPG on the template, enter the SPG number at the required field.

If these are the only details you wish to save on your template, go to step 3.

Step 2: Collateral and Grantor details

Specify the Collateral and Grantor details that you want to save on your template.

For example, you could select the motor vehicle collateral class, and not specify a specific serial number.

Step 3: Save as template

Once you have added all details you wish to have on your registration template, select the save as template button.

You will be taken to the manage template page.

Step 4: Name your template.

Specify a unique template name and a description for the template.

Select save.

This will save your template with a state of pending and assign a template number.

A pending template will expire after 8 days.

Step 5: Allocate the template to user groups

You can specify that certain groups within your account can use your template.

System administrators will be able to use all templates but you can also allow default users to use your template by selecting edit

Choose from the list of Available groups

Move the group to the Assigned groups list

Select save

Step 6: Make your template ready to use.

Until you save your template as active, no users will be able to use the template.

Select the save as active button to activate your template.


Once created, templates can be used within the same account.  Users can also share the template by sending a copy to a different account customer.

System administrators will automatically have the permission to create and manage templates.

Default users will require the system administrator to assign the template to the default user group or create a custom group with the create and manage registration template permissions.