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Creating an alert notification

You can set up an automatic notification so that you are notified when a registration against an organisation grantor that is described by ARSN, ACN or ARBN is created, amended or discharged. There is no fee for this service.

Create a notification request

Go to alert notifications.

Click on create alert notification

Step 1: Alert notification request details

Enter the email address you require the notification to be sent to.

A default alert name is displayed, however you can enter your own alert name so that you can identify the alert when it occurs.

Enter a notification period. The maximum period is one year.

Click next.

Step 2: Add organisation grantor

Enter the organisation grantor identifier and verify. You need to use an ARSN, ACN or ARBN.

Click add to add each organisation to the organisation grantor box. You can add up to 2000 organisation grantors to this box, and also delete grantors.

Click next.

Step 3: Confirmation

Your transaction will be confirmed on screen and you will receive an alert notification request number.

You will also be sent a confirmation email.

Receiving an alert notification

The PPSR will send the alert notification to your email. If you want more information about the registration activity, you may need to perform a search on the PPSR.