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Current registrations for a secured party group report

The current registrations for a secured party group (SPG) report provides a single list of all current registrations held by an SPG.

Important Note: This report will provide a list of all registrations associated with your SPG. It will not provide you with the token for each registration.

If you require a report with a list of all registration numbers and the associated token for your SPG, please see registrations with token for a secured party group (SPG) report.

Why generate this report?

This report can assist you to conduct an audit by comparing your database records to the current registrations listed for an SPG.

Real time data

The data for this report is extracted from the PPSR reporting database. The data is in real time and this report will cover the day on which the report is generated.

Requesting a report

Log into the PPSR to access reports.

Select the reports tab and click request a report.

Step 1: Request a report

Select the current registrations for an SPG report from the Report type list.

Select report format (CSV or XML).

Enter the email address you require the report notification to be sent to.

Click next.

Step 2: Report parameters

Enter Secured Party Group number and access code.

Step 3: Payment (if applicable)

No payment required.

Step 4: Confirmation

You will see your report number and a summary of the details you entered.

Your report is available from the reports list page for seven days. Click on the report number and go to the reports list page.

Reports list

Here you can filter according to the report you wish to see or download.

Click on the report number. You will see a CSV or XML file that you can open and download.

Information provided

The current registrations for an SPG report will provide you with the following information:

  • Secured party group Number
  • Registration number
  • Change number
  • Registration start date and time (AEST)
  • Registration end date and time (AEST)
  • Collateral type
  • Collateral class
  • Change date and time (AEST)
  • Giving of notice identifier
  • Registration kind
  • Is serialised
  • Collateral description
  • Are proceeds claimed
  • Proceeds claimed description
  • Is PMSI
  • Are assets subject to control
  • Is subordinate
  • Is inventory
  • Is transitional
  • Is migrated
  • Is preparatory
  • Earlier registration number
  • Grantors
  • Serial number and serial number type
  • Source register
  • Attachment count
  • Access is restricted