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How to get your Registrations due to expire report

Look below to find the steps to get your Registrations due to expire report

If you need more information – click on each heading for more details.

Visit the PPSR

Step 1: Log in to the PPSR.

Don’t have an account? Find out how to make an account here.

Tip- it’s free to make an account.

Step 2: Navigate to the reports tab and click request a report.

Don’t have the Reports tab?

Speak to your PPSR administrator or call the National Service Centre for help.

Step 3: Choosing your report

Select the registrations due to expire report from the Report type list.

Select report format (CSV or XML).

Enter the email address you require the report notification to be sent to.

Click next.

Step 4: Adding report details

Select the report parameters.

You can select from all or some of the following parameters:

You will require the Secured Party Group (SPG) number and the group access code to proceed. Don’t have the SPG number or access code? Find out more here

Date range

The ‘from’ date must be the current date. The ‘to’ date can be any date in the future.

Sort by

You can change how you would like the data to be sorted. You can sort using the following options:

  • Collateral class
  • Collateral type
  • Registration end time
  • Registration number
  • Secured party group number

If you don’t change anything the report will still generate.

Click next

Step 5: Confirmation

You will see your report number and a summary of the details you entered.

Your report is available from the reports list page for seven days. Click on the report number and go to the reports list page.

Final step – viewing your report

Click on the report number. You will see a CSV or XML file that you can open and download.

The details that will be returned in your report are:

  • Secured party group number
  • Registration number
  • End date and time (AEST)
  • Giving of notice identifier
  • Collateral type
  • Collateral class
  • Is migrated
  • Is transitional
  • Serial number and serial number type
  • Grantors