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Point in time search

Before you begin

You will need

  • the consent of the Registrar.*see Note 1
  • to contact us to request for a manual search request form.
  • to return the completed form along with your payment.

Note 1: You cannot do this search online.

Contact us

Online self service - n/a
Assisted phone service - $10.60


You can search the PPSR as at a previous point in time, to identify registrations that were current at that earlier date and time.

A point-in-time search requires the consent of the Registrar.

The National Service Centre (NSC) can perform this search for you.

Contact us for a manual search request form for individual grantor, organisational grantor, or a serial number point-in-time search.

Return the completed form to forms@ppsr.gov.au along with your payment.

Point-in-time search types

Point-in-time searches can be conducted for:

  • individual grantor
  • organisation grantor
  • serial number, for motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft and intellectual property (patent, design, trade mark and plant breeder’s right).

Registrations prior to the start of the PPSR

You cannot conduct a point-in-time search for registrations that ended before the start of the PPSR. The PPSR was launched on 30 January 2012. For registrations before this date see previous securities registers and migrated data