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Dealing with large PPSR notifications

When you change your address for service or transfer registrations to a different secured party group (SPG), the PPSR generates a notification with a PDF attachment.  If there are a large number of registrations associated with your SPG, the PDF attachment generated can be very large.  In these cases, the notification may not be able to be emailed due to size limits (greater than 3MB).

When the notification exceeds the email size limits, a notification will be able to be retrieved from the SPG workbench using the notification ID and retrieval code.  This is emailed to the address for service.

To be able to retrieve your notifications from the SPG workbench, you will need the SPG number and access code, and have the permission to view the SPG page.

How to retrieve your notification from the SPG Workbench:

Log into the PPSR and navigate to the Secured party groups tab.

Step 1: Enter your SPG number and Access code

Enter your SPG number and access code into the correct fields.

Select Retrieve.

Step 2: Navigate to group notifications tab

From the SPG workbench select the group notifications tab, which will show a list of all of the large notifications generated in the last 30 days.

Step 3:  Enter your retrieval details

To retrieve your notification you will need your Notification ID and Notification retrieval code which will be in the email sent in place of the PDF attachment.

Select the applicable notification from the list which will prompt you to enter the notification retrieval code at the bottom of the page.

Once you have entered the retrieval code select retrieve link.

The link to the PDF document will now be available for selection and download from the list.