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Manage existing registrations

A secured party group (SPG) is used to create and manage registrations on the PPSR.

Registration activities

Keep your SPG details up to date at all times. If you have the appropriate permissions, you can perform six activities with existing registrations:

What do I need?

To perform any activities in connection with registrations you will need:

  • PPSR registration number and associated token, or
  • SPG number and SPG access code.

Roles and permissions

If you are the account administrator you should only consider assigning amend and discharge registration roles to trained users.

Dispute registrations

There are a number of ways that parties may resolve a dispute relating to a registration. In general, the first step will involve the party with an interest (including a security interest) in collateral who is seeking an amendment (including discharge) to a registration contacting the secured party and requesting them to make the amendment required. See dispute a registration.