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Manage your Registration templates

Authorised users can view or manage their account's registration templates by navigating to the Find Template page, found under the Registrations tab.

Step 1: Search for your template.

You can search for your template using the template number that was provided when the template was created.

Alternatively you can also search for the template by choosing a status. E.g. Active, Pending and Deleted

Select your criteria and click Find.

The page will display all templates matching the criteria.

Step 2: Manage template

Once you have located the template or list of templates, you can select the relevant template and choose one of the following options.

Start new registration – Allows users to create a registration using the template selected.

Duplicate – Create a copy of the template to be used for this account.

Copy to account customer – Share a copy of the template to another account user by entering the account number and an email address of the account.

Manage – Edit the template details.

Activate – This is only applicable if the template is in a status of pending.

Delete – Delete the template.

View History – Shows the dates that the template was created and the change type, e.g. amend. From the view history page you can select the hyperlink to view further details.