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Managing your access code and SPG number

Each secured party group (SPG) is identified by a unique number and access code. An SPG is required to create and manage registrations on the PPSR.

Your SPG number and access code need to be readily accessible so that you can respond to requests from interested parties and manage your registrations.

Keep your SPG number and access code safe.

SPG number

An SPG number is a unique nine-character numerical identifier.

If you have forgotten your SPG number or cannot locate it, contact us to have your number resent.

An SPG number resend request must come in writing from the secured party listed under the address for service.

SPG access code

An SPG access code is a unique 12-character alphanumeric identifier.  Any user who has the SPG number and access code is able to make changes to a registration, so it should only be provided to authorised users.

If you have forgotten your SPG access code or cannot locate it, visit our Need Help section.

Change your SPG access code

It is a good idea to change the PPSR system-generated access code to one that is easier to remember.

Log into the PPSR

Go to manage a secured party group.

Use your SPG number and access code to log in.

Select change access code. You will be asked to enter a new access code.

Your new SPG access code must meet the following requirements:

  1. Not contain space characters
  2. Have at least a minimum of 12 characters
  3. Have no more than a maximum of 12 characters
  4. Have at least one uppercase character
  5. Have at least one lowercase character
  6. Have at least one numeric character
  7. Have at least one of the following special characters: ]~@#^:;<>,.[()|\"`*$-+?_&=!%{}/