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Requesting a copy of a verification statement

You can request a copy of a verification statement that was issued in order to confirm the creation, transferamendment or discharge of a registration.

To reissue a verification statement you will need the registration number and token, or secured party group (SPG) number and SPG access code.

Requesting a copy of a verification statement

Log into the PPSR.

Go to Reissue a verification statement.

Enter the PPSR registration number and associated token or SPG number and access code to retrieve your registration.

Step 1: Select a verification statement

Select the verification statement you wish to reissue.

Optional: Enter a Client billing reference, this reference will appear on the Tax invoice/Receipt.

The fee will be displayed on screen.

Click Next.

Step 2: Payment (if applicable)

Pay the fee. Click Pay now.

Step 3: Confirmation

The screen will display the transaction, along with change time and change number. You can download a Tax invoice/Receipt.

A copy of the verification statement will be emailed to your SPG address for service.