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Requesting a new token

You can request a new token for a registration. You can only request a token for a current registration on the PPSR.

Your token is like a password and it enables you to amend or discharge the registration.

Requesting a new token

Log into the PPSR.

Go to Request new token.

Enter your PPSR registration number and the secured party group (SPG) number and SPG access code.

Click Request new token. You will receive an on screen confirmation that the transaction has been successful and a new token will be emailed to the SPG address for service.

Check your SPG address for service for your new token. Ensure the SPG address for service is correct so you receive the email with your new token details.

Keep your new token details safe, as you will need to use them if you want to amend or discharge the registration.

Alternatively if you require the tokens for some or all registrations in your Secured Party Group, and are an authorised user, you can request the registration with token for secured party group report. For more information see: registration with token for SPG report.