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Search activity report

The search activity report provides information about all types of search transactions conducted by account users in a given period of time.

Why generate this report?

If you are the account administrator, you may need to know the search activities of your account users during a specific period.

Data limitations

The data for this report is extracted from the PPSR reporting database. The data provided is up until the end of the previous day and is not available for the day on which the report is generated.

Requesting a report

Log into the PPSR to access reports.

Go to the reports tab and click request a report.

Step 1: Request a report

Select the search activity report from the Report type list.

Select report format (CSV or XML).

Enter the email address you require the report notification to be sent to.

Click next.

Step 2: Report parameters

You must provide a user ID to run the report

Select the report parameters. You can use some or all of the following parameters to narrow your search:

Date range

The date range cannot exceed 36 days.

Sort by

Select how you would like the data to be sorted. You can sort using the following options:

  • Account customer Number
  • User ID

Click next

Step 3: Payment (if applicable)

No payment required.

Step 4: Confirmation

You will see your report number and a summary of the details you entered.

Your report is available from the reports list page for seven days. Click on the report number and go to the reports list page.

Reports list

Here you can filter according to the report you wish to see or download.

Click on the report number. You will see a CSV or XML file that you can open and download.

Information provided by a search activity report

The report will provide you with the following information:

  • User type
  • Casual user credit card mask (only for casual users)
  • Account customer number
  • User ID
  • Internal Organisation Name (account customer location for B2G customers)
  • Channel
  • Search type and count
  • Fee charged for this transaction
  • Fees total