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Setting additional email addresses for your SPG

A useful feature of the PPSR is the ability to add additional email addresses or B2G mailboxes for copies of verification statements, tokens, and/or access codes to be sent to.

This is helpful if you want to automatically send copies to another party, e.g. lawyers, supervisors or even yourself.  It saves you the hassle of forwarding emails to people who don’t have access to your secured party group’s (SPG) address for service inbox.

This feature is configured in the secured party group settings. 

If you have an account, read on for information about the two options for setting this up.

Additional notification email addresses

Once you enter an additional email address in the secured party group page, an additional copy of the notification is sent to the email address specified when anyone using the SPG completes a registration activity.

CC Copies or Send Registration Copies

A CC Copies email address can be set up by each account user. 

For users to be sent a copy of the notification when they complete a registration activity.

If the SPG settings are set to no, the user will be advised once they have completed the transaction that they will not receive the notification.

Tip: To be able to set an additional notification email address or change the SPG settings, you need the SPG number and access code and must have the permission to view the SPG page.

For Information on how to set and change your additional notification email address see:  Setting up an additional notification email address

For Information on how to view and or change the secured party group settings for CC copies or to view or change your CC Copies email address see: Setting up and managing CC copies email addresses