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Setting favourite SPGs for your account

As an account user you can have your account administrator set up a list of favourite secured party groups (SPGs) for your account.

The account administrator can assign nicknames to help you identify each SPG.

You need account details and SPG details

As an account administrator you will need your PPSR account username and password, and your SPG number and access code.

Set SPG favourite

Log into your PPSR account.

Go to manage a secured party group.

Access your SPG with your group number and access code.

Go to the preferences box at the bottom of the page. Click edit.

Select set account favourite.

Enter your secured party group nickname.

Click save. Your nickname will be confirmed on a new screen.

Setting a default SPGs for my user

If you only have a single SPG that you want to use regularly, you can set a default SPG which will auto fill the SPG details for each registration you create.

If you want to use an alternative SPG you can click on ‘Use a different secured party group’ and it will allow you to choose a favourite or enter an SPG number and retrieve group details.

Set default SPG

Log into your PPSR account.

Click on view my user profile.

Go to the preferences box at the bottom of the page. Click edit.

Populate default SPG with the SPG number. You do not need the access code to set a default SPG.

Click Save. Your default SPG is now set.

The account administrator can also set your default SPG when creating you as a new user.