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Setting up users

If you are an account administrator, you create new users and assign groups to these users. You also manage existing users and their details.

How to create users and assign groups

An account administrator creates new users and allocates groups to the new user. It is easy to create multiple new users.

Go to PPSR home

Log in to your account using your username and password.

Select create user from the users menu.

Click start.

Step 1: Personal details

Enter the personal details of the new user. You may also enter a user reference, which could be an employee number.

Click next.

Step 2: Groups

Assign groups to the new user. (Use the default group or find out more about creating customised groups

If you wish to make this user an account administrator, click the assign administrator user group check box.

Otherwise, move desired groups from the available groups list to the assigned groups window.

Clicking >> will move all available groups across, > will move selected groups only.

Click next.

Step 3: Preferences

Set your user’s personal preferences.

Enter a default secured party group number for the user (if applicable). Having a default means the user will not have to enter a secured party group number every time they make a registration. It also encourages them to use a particular secured party group.

Choose password expiry preferences if you require something other than the default number.

Click next.

Step 4: Review

Ensure all details have been entered correctly. You can edit the details.

Click create user.

Step 5: Confirmation

A confirmation screen will display the new username and a link will be emailed to the user to set their password.

How to manage existing users

If you are an authorised user, you manage user account details according to your level of authority.

Go to PPSR home

Log in using your username and password.

Select manage account customer from the account customers menu.

Click on either user management or group management at the bottom of the page.

If you are not an account administrator, you will need the following roles:

  • User – Manage our users
  • Group – Manage our groups

How to amend existing user details

A user managing their own details can edit their personal details, change their password or change secret questions and answers.  

A user managing other users for the account the user belongs to can edit other users details, groups and preferences.

Go to PPSR home

Log in using your username and password.

From the users menu select the find user option.

Enter any of the following information into the search criteria:

  • Family name
  • Given name
  • User name
  • Assigned groups (you can select all)
  • User reference
  • Email address
  • Wildcards

You can also click include removed users.

Click find.

The user or list of users is displayed

The list of users that match your criteria are displayed.

By selecting a user and clicking retrieve you edit the user’s personal details, groups, and preferences.

Managing groups

You change groups the user is assigned to by moving them from the available groups window to the assigned groups window. Every user must have at least one group assigned to them.

When you have completed your changes, click save.