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Viewing your transactions and downloading a tax invoice

You can view your transactions and download the tax invoice from individual or multiple PPSR transactions if you have the appropriate authority.

You need identifying information for the transaction such as the original tax invoice number, the appropriate credit card number or client billing reference.

Retrieve a tax invoice

Log into your account.

Hover over the account customers tab and click on transaction enquiry.

Transaction enquiry

Enter transaction details. You can use any or all of the search categories to find your transaction:

  • Date range: The search only returns 500 results, so set a date range to filter the PPSR transactions
  • PPSR transaction identifier: Enter the invoice number issued when the transaction was processed
  • Receipt number Enter the receipt number issued when the payment was made
  • Transaction type: Choose a transaction type from the dropdown menu
  • Transaction amount range: Enter the monetary value range for the transactions, e.g. between $4.00 and $8.00
  • Credit card number: Enter the first six and the last three digits of the card used to pay for these transactions.
  • Client billing reference: Enter the reference populated at the time of the transaction (wildcards can be used)

After entering the search categories, click 'Find' and a list of your transactions will display on screen. Click on the date and time of an individual transaction to view the tax invoice.

If no transaction records are found

If no records are found or records are missing, you may have forgotten to log into the register when transacting, or the search criteria entered may be incorrect.

Account payments not made using the register, or other account adjustments will not display using the transaction enquiry screen.

Please contact us for assistance with searching for casual user transactions using your credit card details or for assistance retrieving transactions unable to be found using the transaction enquiry screen.