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Transaction reconciliation report

The transaction reconciliation report provides you with information about PPSR transactions completed over a period of time.

Why generate this report?

You can use the information from the transaction reconciliation report to reconcile transactions against your internal systems and or invoices or statements from the PPSR.

Data limitations

The data for this report is extracted from the PPSR reporting database. The data provided is up until the end of the previous day and is not available for the day on which the report is generated.

Requesting a report

Log into the PPSR to access reports.

Go to the reports tab and click request a report.

Step 1: Request a report

Select the transaction reconciliation report from the Report type list.

Select report format (CSV or XML).

Enter the email address you require the report notification to be sent to.

Click next.

Step 2: Report parameters

Select the report parameters. You can use some or all of the following parameters:

Date range (mandatory)

The date range cannot exceed 36 days.

Optional parameters

PPSR transaction identifier

Receipt Number

Transaction type

You can request all transactions during the date range or if you click selected transaction types, you will be asked to select from the list.

Transaction amount range
Credit card number

Filter transactions

You can enter a PPSR transaction identifier, receipt number, transaction amount range or credit card number to limit the transactions included in the report for the given date range.

Step 3: Payment (if applicable)

No payment required.

Step 4: Confirmation

You will see your report number and a summary of the details you entered.

Your report is available from the reports list page for seven days. Click on the report number and go to the reports list page.

Reports list

Here you can filter according to the report you wish to see or download.

Click on the report number. You will see a CSV or XML file that you can open and download.

Information provided in this report

The transaction reconciliation report will provide you with the following information:

  • Organisation name
  • Account number
  • Channel
  • User ID
  • Date and time (AEST)
  • Transaction ID
  • Receipt number
  • Transaction type
  • Payment method
  • Total fee (cents)
  • Line item description
  • Quantity
  • Line item fee (cents)
  • Secured party group number
  • Registration number
  • Giving of notice identifier
  • Registration state message
  • Search number
  • Search certificate number
  • Report number
  • Account number
  • B2G user – defined field name X
  • B2G user – defined field value X
  • Client billing reference