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Amend a registration

Firstly you need to find and retrieve the registration so you can update it.

Make sure you enter all information correctly. Please read the PPSR conditions of use.

Log into the PPSR.

Go to amend a registration.

Enter the PPSR registration number and associated token or SPG number and access code to retrieve your registration.

You will be taken straight to:

Step 3: Review

Review the PPSR registration details, then select Edit and make your changes (remember only some fields can be changed).

You will be taken to the appropriate screen (collateral or grantor) to make changes.

Click Next.

Check the amendments you have made on the review page and make any further changes if required.

Optional: Enter a Client billing reference, this reference will appear on the Tax invoice/Receipt.

The fee will be displayed on the screen (if applicable).

Step 4: Payment (if applicable)

Depending on the type of amendment you have made you may have to pay a fee.

Step 5: Confirmation

Your registration amendments will be confirmed.

Print the Tax invoice/Receipt if required. A verification statement will be emailed to the address for service for the PPSR registration.

Not all registrations can be amended

Some registrations and registration attributes can be changed and some cannot. See what can be amended.

When a registration cannot be amended, a new registration must be created.

The registration number of the earlier registration may be entered in the “Earlier Registration number” field to indicate that the registration relates to an earlier registration. The purpose is to allow for the possibility that a security interest might be perfected over time by more than one registration and to alert anyone searching the PPSR that an earlier registration relates to the same security interest (and indicate that a security interests priority time may be earlier that the registration time for the current registration).

If you want to discharge the earlier registration, you should only do this after the new registration has been created. The registration number of the earlier registration must be entered during the registration creation process. You cannot add the Earlier Registration Number at a later time.

A registration that has been created in a transitional register and migrated to the PPSR, which has an “unknown” collateral type, collateral class or serial number type cannot be amended. See amending or renewing migrated registrations.

All migrated registrations can be discharged, whether or not they are able to be otherwise amended

Find and claim

If the registration you need to amend was originally created in a transitional register and then migrated to the PPSR, you will need to find and claim the registration first.

When the registration has been claimed, an associated token will automatically generated by the PPSR.

You can then use the associated token to update the registration on the PPSR if the registration is able to be amended.