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Business days calculator

Definition of PPSR business day

According to section 10 of the PPS Act, business day means a day other than:

  • a Saturday or a Sunday; or
  • a day which is a public holiday for the whole of:
    • any State; or
    • the Australian Capital Territory; or
    • the Northern Territory; or
  • a day that falls between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day; or
  • a day on which the Registrar has refused access to the register, or otherwise suspended the operation of the register, in whole or in part (see subsection 147(5)); or
  • a day that is prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this definition.

About the Business days calculator

The business days calculator is used to calculate time periods under the PPS Act. It was introduced per recommendation 166 of the statutory review of the Act.

Please go to Australia.gov.au if you would like to view Australian Public holidays

What is the calculator for?

There are a number of PPS Act provisions that require you to wait for 5, 10, 15 or 20 business days before taking further action, e.g. the amendment demand process.

This tool can help you calculate those time periods.

Calculate your business days