Defective migrated registrations

This page contains information about registrations that migrated from old registers in a way that would make them defective on the PPSR.

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Before the PPSR started, security interests were registered on many different registers. In 2012, those old registers were closed and in most cases their data was migrated to the PPSR.

The old registers didn’t always collect and store information in the same way the PPSR does. That means some registrations were migrated to the PPSR without information that the PPSR now requires. For example, an old registration might not include a grantor where it might be required by the PPSR.

After the PPSR started, there was a transition period that helped to temporarily 'cure' defects in migrated registrations, meaning they remained effective. This meant people could fix their registrations and add the required information during this period. That temporary period ended on 31 January 2017 if the migrated registration had no end date. If you didn’t fix your migrated registration by then, it may be ‘defective’ now. This might mean your security interest has lost its priority; for more information, see Priorities and rankings.

Not every registration that’s missing information will be defective. It depends on what type of information is missing. You may want to seek legal advice if you think one of your migrated registrations may be defective.

Defective registrations will still be on the PPSR until their expiry date. If your registration doesn’t have an expiry date, it will be on the PPSR until you end it.

Amending and renewing migrated registrations

You can renew and end defective registrations. You can also make some changes to them.

To amend or end a migrated registration, you’ll need to find and claim it first. For more information, see Finding and claiming a migrated registration.

See Migrated registers for a list of possible issues with migrated registrations and what it means if you’re changing or amending them. Some things cannot be amended in a migrated registration. If you can’t make the necessary changes, you may need to make a new registration instead. For more information see Update a registration.

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