PPSR protection for getting your gear back if your customer can’t pay

Rolls of copper wire on the floor of a warehouse

Sam, a subcontractor, and his team of sparkies won a large job doing the wiring on an upmarket residential development.

Sam had a large amount of the cabling delivered to the site so it was ready to go. It arrived a couple of days before the team were due to start installing.

When Sam and his team arrived on site a few days later, they were shocked to find the front gates locked. A sign on the gate said:

Developer Denise Co. now under Voluntary Administration, contact Adam Administrator for site access

Sam had lost gear in the past so he knew exactly what to do to get his stuff back, most importantly he knew he had to act fast.

First, he emailed Administrator Adam saying he had cable across the site that hadn’t been installed yet. He told Adam he could identify it and that thanks to his contract and PPSR registration, he was a secured creditor with priority rights to collect any cabling still unpaid for.

Sam attached a copy of his paper work, which included his retention of title supply contract with Developer Denise Co. and a copy of the PPSR registration certificate to support his claim. Sam was also quick to stop any further cable deliveries to Denise’s site.

Adam the Administrator assessed Sam’s claim and checked his PPSR. Fortunately for Sam all was in order and Adam was happy to give consent for Sam to access the site to collect his cable.

For more information on how to protect goods supplied on credit, whether its pipes, gravel or formwork – basically anything that isn’t nailed down – visit PPSR and the construction industry.

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