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Claiming migrated secured party groups (SPGs)

Once you have found a migrated SPG you wish to claim, select the corresponding radio button on the right hand side.  At the bottom of the page click the button ‘Claim’ to proceed with the claim.

The following screen will prompt you to enter the target SPG number and access code.  This is the relevant SPG that you have created on the PPSR (refer to Step 1 of the preliminary steps).  An email address can also be entered to receive a notification when the claim has been completed (optional).

After you claim a migrated SPG, all registrations associated with the SPG are transferred to your target SPG.  It is not possible to claim individual registrations within a SPG. The address for service email of the target SPG will receive two emails:

  1. A verification statement, and
  2. A token notification containing all the claimed registrations.

These emails need to be kept securely for future reference.

Please note, that once a migrated SPG has been claimed, there is no way to return to it an unclaimed state.  If you have made an erroneous claim, please contact us.