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Discharging a registration

It is easy to discharge a registration once financial or other obligations have been met. There is no fee associated with this action.

You can only discharge one registration at a time.

Once you confirm the discharge of a registration the end time is registered and the registration stops being effective. You should carefully check that you have selected the registration you want to discharge. Once a registration is discharged you cannot change the end time.

Who can discharge a registration?

Anyone with the registration number and either the token or the Secured Party Group (SPG) number and access code can discharge a registration.

When you discharge a registration, it will expire immediately and will no longer appear as a current registration on the PPSR.

Discharging a registration

First you need to find and retrieve the registration.

Log into the PPSR.

Go to discharge a registration.

Enter the registration number and associated token or SPG number and access code to retrieve the registration.

Check the registration details are correct. Errors made are the responsibility of the person discharging the registration. Please read the PPSR conditions of use.

Click Discharge.

A confirmation box will appear with details of the registration you are discharging. Review details and click yes to discharge.

Your registration discharge will be confirmed. You will also see a transaction reference number.

A verification statement will be emailed to the address for service.

Make sure you discharge in a timely manner

You may be required to discharge the registration within a certain time frame. For example, with consumer goods when the loan is settled, an individual or organisation (secured party) must discharge the registration within five business days. See s151 and s167 Personal Property Securities Act.

Find and claim

If your registration was migrated from a transitional register, you may need to find and claim the registration first.

When the registration has been claimed, an associated token will automatically generated by the PPSR.

You can then use the associated token to discharge the registration.

Roles and responsibilities

If you are system administrator you should only assign the discharge registration role to users who have been trained in, and have a specific reason for using this function. Once a registration is discharged you cannot change the end time.