Guidance to help you during COVID-19

We have developed new resources to help you protect your business during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

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Many Australian businesses have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. To support Australian businesses during this difficult period, we have provided new resources and highlighted existing resources to explain how the PPSR can help.

The PPSR can provide protection for your business when you are:

  • Buying goods or acquiring personal property — searching the PPSR helps you make an informed decision because you can check whether the valuable goods or personal property you want to buy are free from debt and safe from possible repossession.
  • Selling on retention of title terms or consignment, or hiring or leasing out goods — properly registering on the PPSR can help protect your security interest should any of your customers not be able to pay or go out of business.

These resources provide general information—they do not constitute and are not intended to be legal advice. You may wish to seek professional advice from your accountant, financial adviser or lawyer.

PPSR case studies

A person working on a roof, installing shingles with a nail gun.

A case study about Tom, a busy roof tiler, who uses PPSR protection to safeguard him when purchasing tiles from a contractor.

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A group of wine bottles with red labels lined up

A case study about a winery who supplies wine on consignment to a wholesale wine distributor.

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A person wearing protective gear and a hard hat inspecting machinery

Case study: Mike is interested in buying metal lathe online. Conducts $2 PPSR search to verify absence of outstanding debt.

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A small construction vehicle, situated on a construction site.

Case Study: Sandy is renting out bobcats, utilizes PPSR for equipment registrations, enhancing legal protection if customers face insolvency.

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A large yellow excavator sitting on a construction site

A case study about Sam, who is looking to buy a second-hand excavator. He completes a $2 PPSR search to check if there’s money owing on the excavator.

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Rolls of copper wire on the floor of a warehouse

A case study about Sam, a subcontractor, who supplied cabling on an upmarket residential development and how a PPSR registration helps protect his goods.

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Trying to get your invoices paid?

This new factsheet provides practical advice on how a PPSR registration can help you get your invoices paid.

Your customer has gone broke — what happens now?

If you have registered your security interest on the PPSR, this new factsheet explains the steps you need to take to get your goods (or their value) back if your customer has gone broke.

Your customer has defaulted on your security agreement — what happens now?

If you have registered your security interest on the PPSR, this new factsheet provides practical information and steps you need to follow to enforce your security interest.

General resources

Guides and brochures

Small business guide

This guide explains everything you need to know about using the PPSR to protect your business.

Hey tradies – don’t get ripped off!

This brochure explains how the PPSR can help tradies when buying goods, or selling on terms of leasing out equipment.


Small business and the PPSR – this two minute video explains what you can do if your customer goes out of business, but has your stock they haven’t yet paid for.

Protection for businesses that hire, lease or rent goods – this one minute video helps explain how businesses that hire, lease or rent out goods can protect themselves by registering on the PPSR.

Selling your goods on terms – this video explains how the PPSR can protect your business if you are selling your goods but not getting paid immediately.

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