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Find and claim your migrated registrations

Find and claim is a process that enables you to manage registrations that migrated from a previous state based register to the PPSR.

Find and claim allows you to:

  • search an online catalogue for your registrations that were migrated from previous state and territory based registers to the PPSR; and
  • transfer all your migrated registrations to a current secured party group (SPG) in the PPSR.

There are no fees when you find and claim migrated registrations.

Some attributes of migrated registrations cannot be amended

When you have found and claimed your migrated registrations, you will be able to amend or renew or discharge them. 

Migrated SPGs

In order to migrate registrations the PPSR created SPGs for each registration. You cannot keep using these SPGs, which were a temporary measure.

The find and claim process involves finding your migrated registrations and SPGs and transferring them across to current SPGs.

Make sure you are authorised to claim a registration

Any person who makes a fraudulent claim for a migrated SPG, may be prosecuted under the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) and face a term of imprisonment.

Preliminary steps

There are three steps before you can find and claim your registrations.

1. Create a PPSR account

You need to be a PPSR account customer.

2. Create an SPG

You need to create an SPG. If you have already created an SPG on the PPSR, you will need the SPG number and access code.

3. Apply for access

You need to contact us in order to gain access to the find and claim catalogue.

Your system administrator must make the request and provide the following information:

  • the account number
  • the name of the account
  • the account administrator’s name, username and email address
  • a statement that the account administrator requests access to the find and claim catalogue.

Once access is granted

Once you have access, the find and claim tab will be visible when you are logged in to the PPSR.

The system administrator will then need to assign the role the role "F&C - Access post-RCT Find & Claim catalogue", via a 'group', to appropriate users of the account. For further information on how to create groups and assign roles please see Accounts.


You can search the find and claim catalogue to find your migrated registrations.


Claim your migrated registrations by using the migrated SPG details. Once you have claimed the registration, you can transfer them to your current SPG.

Disputed claims

If you consider that a migrated SPG has been claimed by another user in error, follow the find and claim disputes process.  

Migrated registration issues

Be aware that some PPSR issues with migrated registrations are continuing to be resolved. See migrated registrations - known issues.