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The ABN is an identifying number used when dealing with government agencies (including the Australian Taxation Office) and other businesses.

See the Australian Business Register website for more information about ABNs.

This refers to the different channels available to access the PPSR website ( and via the Personal Property Securities Service (1300 00 PPSR,

The access code for the secured party group (SPG) is similar to a password. It can be used to access registrations belonging to the SPG, and to access the SPG's workbench.

This refers to the account that is created prior to transacting on the PPSR. Creating an account is quick, no fee is required and there are a number of benefits (for example, to create reports). An account is required if you need to create a Secured Party Group or a registration. An account is not required to search the PPSR. 

The account administrator, also referred to as the account system administrator, is the person who may manage users within an account for a PPS Register account customer. The account administrator has wide ranging roles and permissions to be able to make updates and changes to the account, including but not limited to:

  • create users
  • modify users
  • resetting passwords
  • unlocking users
  • grant permissions (what transactions the user can perform), and
  • remove users.