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Renew a registration

You can renew a registration before its expiry date in order to extend it. You can only renew a current registration on the PPSR. If the registration has expired, it cannot be renewed.

When you are renewing a registration, you can only amend the expiry date. You cannot update any other details such as the collateral class or add or remove grantors.

You can use the registrations due to expire report to keep on top of registrations that are due for expiry and review ahead of time to see if the security interest requires an extension of time or if it is due for discharge.

Renew your registration

Firstly you need to find and retrieve the PPSR registration so you can renew it.

Enter your PPSR registration number and associated token or secured party group (SPG) number and access code to retrieve the registration.

Step 1: Renew

Select Change registration end time and specify the new expiry date.

Optional: Enter a Client billing reference, this reference will appear on the Tax invoice/Receipt.

The fee will be displayed on the screen (if applicable)

Click Pay now.

Step 2: Payment (if applicable)

Pay the applicable fee.

Step 3: Confirmation

As soon as you confirm the expiry date of your registration will be updated on the PPSR.  A verification statement will be sent to the address for service of the SPG confirming the change.