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What can be amended

Some registration attributes (details) can be amended and some cannot be changed. Some registrations are migrated data. See amending or renewing migrated registrations.

Registration attributes that can be amended

  • Change end date
    • Discharge (change end date/time to now)
    • Renew (change end date to a future date or ‘no stated end time’) or ‘not stated‘)
    • Change end date (to a date between now and the current end date.)
  • Add/remove grantors
  • All other amendments - fields that can be amended are:
    • Free text description
    • Remove attachments and the associated Attachment Free Text Description*
    • Subordination Indicator
    • Giving of notice identifier
    • Proceeds Indicator and description
    • Vehicle Registration Number (i.e. the number plate of the vehicle)
    • Aircraft Nationality
    • Aircraft nationality code and registration marks assigned pursuant to the Chicago Convention
      • Only where these are not used as the serial number. For example they can be amended for ‘airframe’ which is described by manufacturer‘s serial number. However they cannot be amended for ‘small aircraft’ where these two fields are the serial number for this collateral class.

Registration attributes that cannot be amended

  • Grantor Identifier
  • Grantor DOB
  • Grantor Name
  • Any serial number in a serial number field
  • PMSI
  • Inventory
  • Assets subject to control
  • Collateral Type
  • Collateral Class
  • Kind (of registration) (i.e. security interest, court order, hoon lien, other prescribed property or proceeds of crime)
  • Transitional Indicator
  • Migrated Indicator
  • Manufacturer Name‘s for aircraft, helicopter, or aircraft engine
  • Manufacturer‘s generic model description for aircraft, helicopter, or aircraft engine
  • Secured Party Group (this is achieved by the Transfer a Registration transaction)
  • Attachment file name
  • Attachment free text description. It can only be removed with the associated attachment
  • Registration Number
  • Change Number
  • Start Date/Time
  • Earlier registration number