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See the statistics for how often each user type is searching the PPSR, e.g. web interface or business to government.

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Who is using the PPSR?

Searches on the PPSR can be conducted either online or by contacting us.

Who are external users of the PPSR?

External users of the PPSR include:

  • Casual users: generally infrequent users who transact online (e.g. PPSR search, create account customer) using a credit card and
  • Account customers: regular users who transact using the PPSR Web User Interface (WebUI) or through a Business to Government (B2G) connection. Account customers may:
    • Transact as themselves – for example, a bank registering a financial interest.
    • Transact on behalf of others – for example, a lawyer or accountant acting on behalf of a client.

What is the difference between WebUI and B2G?

The WebUI is the name used to describe the website used by individuals and businesses to access the PPSR.

The Business to Government (B2G) channel is an alternative way of accessing the PPSR directly. Instead of using the WebUI, users build their own interface to integrate with the transactional functions of the PPSR. B2G connections are useful for businesses with a high volume of transactions.

Who are the internal users of the PPSR?

Searches that are conducted through the AFSA Service Centre may be referred to as an ‘internal user’ search within the PPSR search statistics.

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