PPSR Discovery Environment Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions which must be accepted to access the PPSR testing and training PPSR Discovery environment.

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PPSR Discovery Environment Terms and Conditions

  1. Access to and use of the Discovery Environment is made available to you for
    a. training and education purposes or,
    b. To assist you to identify and develop business processes and related interfaces and applications.
  2. You must strictly comply with all instructions and guidance we give you relating to access to and use of the Discovery Environment.
  3. Any data used by you in using the Discovery Environment should be fictional data only and not include details of real people or real transactions. Data entered by you in the Discovery Environment may be accessed, used, modified or deleted at any time by us or other users.
  4. You must at your own cost provide everything that you need to access and use the Discovery Environment and ensure that it is properly configured and meets all relevant requirements.
  5. You must comply with all security procedures and take all reasonable action to protect and maintain the security of your access to and use of the Discovery Environment.
  6. If you suspect at any time that there has been compromise of the Discovery Environment from within your organisation, you must immediately notify us.
  7. You must ensure your use of and access to the Discovery Environment complies with all laws.
  8. You acknowledge that the Discovery Environment is an early release of code against a system that has not been fully developed and full capability will not be provided. The Discovery Environment will be updated from time to time as code fixes are deployed as a result of testing, and as remaining elements of the system are built.
  9. You acknowledge that the Discovery Environment implements various functions of the intended PPSR production environment as a simulation only and that the PPSR production environment is still undergoing development.
  10. You acknowledge that access to and use of the Discovery Environment is not a formal test cycle and will therefore be managed accordingly.
  11. We may suspend or terminate access to the Discovery Environment at any time.
  12. The Discovery Environment is made available to you "as is" and "as available" only and, to the extent permitted by law, without any representation or warranty of any kind (including in respect to fitness for any purpose) and we shall have no liability to you no matter how arising (including as result of any negligence on our part) in relation to any matter relating to your decision to develop your PPSR systems and procedures, or any information provided by us in respect to any matter relating to the Discovery Environment.


us, we, our means the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Australian Financial Security Authority.

you, your means the organisation accessing or using the Testing and training Environment and includes, where relevant, individual users.

IMPORTANT: data is visible to all users of the system so DO NOT USE REAL DATA.

Accept and go to the PPSR Discovery Environment

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