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Enhancements under consideration

The PPSR enhancements list displays requests provided by our customers to improve the functionality of the register.

These requests have been reviewed by the PPSR and may be utilised to enhance register functionality in future releases.

Title Details Business benefit Channel Suggested by
Scheduling of reports Allow users to save parameters and specify a report to generate on a reoccurring basis. Consistent reporting for businesses – no need to remember to generate a report on key dates. B2G and Web UI Business
Increase Free Text field Increase in number of allowable free text characters from 500 to 1000 to allow improved description of collateral. Allows better description of goods. B2G and Web UI Business
VIN validation

Options being considered:

  1. Register currently ensures users enter 17 characters, but no validation on VIN prior to search or registrations being performed.
  2. Allow users to find a vehicles VIN by entering the registration plate and state the vehicle is registered in.

Users would be alerted to potential errors in the VIN prior to transaction being completed.

Allow users to complete a Motor Vehicle search without knowing the VIN.

This would also help to reduce complexity of search and registration pages.

Web UI Community
Link to search results Text Allow users the option to receive an SMS with the search number and a link to the search results. Ensures users can retrieve their search with ease. Web UI Community
Australian Registered Fund Number Add Australian Registered Fund Number (ARFN) to all fields where an Australian Registered Scheme Number (ARSN) is currently listed to read ARSN/ARFN. This will ensure compliance with legislative change requirements. B2G and Web UI Government


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