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Apply for Discovery access

Discovery is the PPSR environment developed for testing. It is updated for each code release to allow users to test their B2G connection before enhancements are deployed into Production.

Complete the application form

To apply for access to Discovery, you need to email enquiries@ppsr.gov.au and request the PPSR Discovery environment access request form. To complete the form, you need to take note of the following:

  • Make sure you tick the access via B2G box when completing the form.
  • Supply your external IP address - provide all the external IP addresses that will connect to Discovery. All computers on the same network should have the same external IP address. We whitelist these IP addresses so you can go through the Discovery firewalls.
  • List essential IP addresses only - if the IP range(s) in your application appear(s) to be too large, speak to your network administrator. They can determine which IP addresses within the range(s) are essential.

Configure your spam filter

The PPSR sends a number of notifications via email. The volume of notifications from notifications@ppsr.gov.au may trigger your spam filter. To ensure that you receive all PPSR notifications, whitelist notifications@ppsr.gov.au.

Create an account

Once your IP address has been whitelisted, we will send you a link to Discovery. You need to access this link and create a Discovery account. If this link does not take you to Discovery, we haven’t whitelisted your IP address yet.

When creating your account, ensure the account payment type selected is pre-pay.

Keep your Discovery and Production transaction details separate

Your Discovery account must be kept separate as it is a test account only. All Discovery data must be kept separate from Production data. This includes:

  • account details
  • user details
  • registration numbers
  • registration tokens
  • secured party group numbers
  • secured party group access codes
  • search numbers and search certificate numbers
  • transaction numbers.

Connecting to Discovery

Once you have been whitelisted and have created your Discovery account, you will be able to connect to Discovery for the first time.