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Options to allow users flexibility in the management of emailed notifications from the PPSR


This includes:

  • Ability to have tokens and verifications statements emailed to different addresses
  • Ability for B2G clients acting on behalf of an end user to receive copies of notifications

Create additional email options which would allow users to have notifications sent to different email addresses. For example verification statement could go to the Address for Service, but tokens to another email address.

Allow third parties to receive a copy of new, amended or discharged verification statements, when acting on behalf of another user.

Business benefit: 

Allows users to have notifications sent to different email addresses for processing. 


Reduces risk for businesses by allowing sensitive information to be sent to the appropriate area.

Sends third party users acting on behalf of a client a copy of the verification statement and/or token, and thereby reducing administrative burden.

B2G and Web UI
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