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PPSR release management

Prioritisation of enhancements and defect remedy is determined by AFSA in consultation with industry, PPS Operations and Stakeholder forum members.

Industry Integration Period

Major releases are deployed into Discovery prior to Production. The new release is made available at least two weeks prior to Production release to enable clients to familiarise themselves with the new functionality.

If you find functionality or performance issues in Discovery complete the 'PPSR Incident Report Form' and email it to AFSA's National Service Centre (NSC) at enquiries@ppsr.gov.au.

Industry Feedback

Industry is encouraged to provide feedback on the RMC and PPSR through their peak bodies or by email directly to AFSA. For more information, see PPSR enhancements.


If a release requires changes to the B2G WSDL, associated documentation will be made available. In addition, an extended Industry Integration Period will be provided to allow adequate build and testing of B2G solutions.

Previous releases

Name Release date
Release 4 June, 2015
Release 3 December, 2014
Release prior to release 4 May, 2015
Release 5 December, 2015
Release R5.A August, 2016
Release R5.B October, 2017
Release R5.C May, 2018
Release R6 June, 2018
Release R6.A July, 2018
Release R6.B August, 2018