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Suspected misuse of the PPSR

We take misuse of the register very seriously.

Let us know if you suspect or are aware of any misuse of the PPSR by reporting it to us.

Need a registration removed?

If there is a PPSR registration you want removed or amended, you can do this by sending the secured party a written demand. For more information, see the Dispute a registration page.

Suspect misuse of the register?

If you know of someone who may have:

  • Registered an interest over property without the belief that they are a secured party
  • Failed to withdraw a registration when required to, or
  • Unlawfully accessed or used PPSR data?

You can submit an Enforcement referral to our Regulation & Enforcement Division.

File Referring suspected PPSR misuse paper form 

Referring suspected PPSR misuse online form

The PPS Act permits us to investigate certain matters, including suspected or alleged contraventions of specific provisions under the Act.

For more information see Registrar’s Practice Statement No. 3.

Provide a tip-off?

If you want to provide information about the misuse of the PPSR in a confidential way, you can provide a tip-off about inappropriate PPSR use, such as:

  • using PPSR data in a fraudulent manner for financial gain
  • inappropriate access and use of PPSR data
  • actions that may affect the integrity of PPSR data.

For more information see Provide a tip off.